Adaptronic Modular ECU RX8 S1/S2

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Adaptronic Steuergerät

Plug ´n Play

- Steuergerät
- USB-Stick mit Adaptronic Computer Software
- USB-Kabel

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The Rx7 Modular PNP has the same basic I/O as the wiring M2000 unit, which is the following;

  • 8 injector outputs – unused injector outputs can be low side drives for solenoids etc
  • 8 ignition outputs – unused ignition outputs can be low side drives for relays et
  • 4 push-pull aux outputs
  • All 20 are PWM capable.
  • 1 dedicated low side output for either EFI relay or fuel pump on/off. On the plug and play we use this for the fuel pump relay
  • 1 dedicated tacho output
  • 22 outputs (compared to 15 on the Select).

This PNP unit has the following inputs;

  • 2 internal 4-bar MAP sensors
  • 2 external MAP inputs (you can read all 4 at once, unlike on the Select where you need to select either internal or external)
  • 4 temperature inputs (coolant, air, fuel, oil- No SSI required like on the Select Models)
  • 2 liquid pressure inputs (fuel and oil- No SSI required)
  • 2 TPS inputs (although really you’d only use 1 – we include 2 so it can be pedal position on a drive by wire installation)
  • 2 analog O2 sensor inputs
  • 3 other 0-5V inputs (we normally use one for the oil metering feedback)
  • 1 knock input( M6000 wire in model is required for dual knock input)

In addition to this the ECU also monitors battery voltage (obviously), the 5V sensor output voltage, internal temperature, sensor ground voltage (the ECU can switch this ground on or off, so you can use this to check for common ground loop problems). Please note the FC PNP is not waterproof, like the M2000 ecu. The OEM FC wiring harness plug is not waterproof.

1 CAN port (currently in developement)

4 serial ports (2 in, 2 out)

USB Port